Success Has The Face Of Our Mother

Continued from yesterday’s post, the second part of this woman’s story confirmed what I have learnt to be key in people’s successes – good connection with mother. She told stories of her mother being there for her. 

After owning her choices and taking her power back, she was in a position of helping many others. She was busy giving workshops and going to meetings. Her mother was old and needed people driving her around. She was getting to the age where she would fall asleep in a chair (just like my grandmother used to do), and didn’t know how she got home. Nevertheless, she would go everywhere with her daughter and be part of whatever she’s doing. Her mother was there whether it’s a sex education workshop about putting on condoms in the correct way, or it’s girls outing with a male striper appearing from under the table. There was so much laughter and so much appreciation of her mother in her stories. 

Some people might think “Oh, that’s easy for her she’s got a good mother.” 

No, that’s not the point. 

The point is she remembered who was the mother, and she remembered the time her mother was there for her. Despite the fact that her mother was old and needed care, in her mind, it was clear that it was her mother being there for her, not the other way around. 

How many people think it is the other way around?

How many people think and act like it is them taking care of their mother? How many people think they are more responsible or more capable than their mother?

I will bet a million dollars that 10 out of 10 people with self-destructive behaviour think that way. 

And how many people complain about their mother not being there for them? 

I will bet another million dollars that 10 out 10 people who overdosed felt that way as well.

The determinant factor of one’s success in life is if they can receive their mother. The first and the most important thing we receive from the mother is our life. Therefore, rejecting mother is rejecting life, and vice versa. 

When we are able to receive our mother as she is and receive everything she has for us, we have received the most important thing in life.

What type of story do you tell about your mother? 

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