Loving Together

This unique program is a spiritual way to heal your relationships and find true love. It gets to the root of what’s stopping you from receiving love, so you no longer feel alone, confused, tormented, and hurt, whether you are currently in or out of an intimate relationship. The mastery of Love and being Lovable is key to the greatest joy in life and also key to success in all aspects of life. My Loving Together program brings you awareness of the unseen pattern that has been running your love life and teaches you how to change that. True love has to come from a place of safety and connection. Without the safety within, love comes from a place of inadequacy and insecurity, is merely a way to control others and to placate. It is not something you can fake it until you make it. It has to come from the safety within you. Loving Together teaches you to be truly in charge of your love life and to be in connection with your ideal partner.

Key benefits to the Loving Together Program include:

  • Closure to past relationships
  • Clarity of present relationship
  • Attracting the right partner
  • Creating greater intimacy
  • Developing a true sense of partnership
  • Effective reframing of conflicts in an intimate relationship
  • Being more assertive and effective in having your needs met
  • Creating a juicy, long-lasting love life

This program is geared towards single men and women with a strong cultural background who are struggling in their love life, who have trouble attracting the right partner, and who long for a partner they can trust and count on. The goal of this program is to help you discover how loveable you are, and how you can find someone who will be there for you and who can enjoy life with you.

Loving Together’s ideal candidate would be willing to embark on a journey of reconnecting with where your life comes from, and to heal from where the flow of love first got severed. You must have a willingness to learn how to work with your own energy, to understand how your energy interacts with others, and to reclaim your own mastery through releasing what does not belong to you.   

The program is comprised of 6 modules. During a 6 month period, clients will be held and supported in a safety container comprised of healing sessions done online or in person, Q&A calls, and home study materials in PDF format. You can do it at your own pace. Ideally, the program will be completed in a time frame no longer than 7 months.

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