17 May Family & Systemic Constellation Circles

Dancing with Ancestors Every 4th Wednesday 6:45pm to 9:00pm at Juice Truck, 28 W 5th Avenue, Vancouver 5/25/16 Mini Delights – Constellations with stones, in pairs, and in triads 6/22/16 Body-Mind-Spirit Constellations – Look into the relationship between your body, mind and spirit 7/27/16 Family Constellations – Disentangle with your families and restore the order of love 8/24/16 Prosperity Constellations – Discover who/what your money monster is and get rid of it! 9/28/16 Nature & Animal Constellations – Explore your concerns for nature and animals 10/26/16 Chaos Constellations – A celebration of chaos, liberation, and freedom! Registration required. $25 per workshop. Register with Ming 778-883-2238 or For an example of how...

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17 May Body-Mind-Spirit Health Book Club

What are we reading? When The Body Says No, By Gabor Mate, M.D. Kitchen Table Wisdom, By Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D. Radical Remission, By Kelly Turner, Ph.D Hardwiring Happiness, By Rick Hanson, PH.D Why join this book club? This book club is for health-minded people who want to know more about the intricate connection between stress and their health, who are currently experiencing health challenges, or recovering from a major illness. Reading with a group and having a discussion about what you read is very different from reading on your own. Reading with like-minded people allows you to have a sense of community and to feel supported....

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17 Apr Witnessing

I don’t usually talk about my private life. However, the experience of living through the shock and the treatment process of my husband’s cancer helped me realize many important things. It truly brought my professional and personal life together. Therefore, I will share this writing here, and hopefully this sharing will inspire someone. There was a particularly bad day. His whole person looked different. He looked like he was beaten up all over even though there were no bruises. He could barely talk or swallow anything, not even water, because of the pain in his throat and mouth. The day before, he...

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17 Mar Why going to someone is more effective than self-help, self-study, reading a book, etc.?

Most of my clients are savvy, independent, and capable people. They have read many books, watched many Ted-talks and have learnt many self-help skills. They tell me they felt like a failure when they came to talk to me for the first time. They have tried so hard and worked on themselves so much, they think they “shouldn’t” need anyone’s help. So, let me explain, from a neuroscience perspective, why going to someone feels better, and works better and faster than doing it yourself. Also, why sometimes you just can’t do-it-yourself. You have probably heard of the fight or flight response, which...

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02 Mar What is a Constellation?

Constellation is a process. It helps people to reveal hidden dynamics in their relationships with families, work, health and other areas of their life. This process increases the flow of love, harmony and balance in all systems. How is a constellation done? The constellation process looks like the following: The client talks to a facilitator about an issue that she or he is seeking a solution. The facilitator suggests to the client one or multiple people/elements in this issue that can be set up as representatives. Either the client or the facilitator, chooses people (if it's done in a group) or objects...

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20 Jan Looking for family at work

We all carry some unfinished business from our family of origins when we go to workplaces. Some people are more aware of this than the other. The family dynamics from our past can affect our ability to deal with here and now situations no matter you are aware of it or not. Even when we have been well into our adulthood for many years and thought that we have left the old feelings behind, sometimes a particular person or a situation at workplace can bring all that old feelings back. For example, a very successful business woman deals with any person...

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