10 Apr Choice is Empowering – Note #1 from First Nations Women’s Wellness Conference

Rise Up I recently had the good fortune to attend the first Women’s Wellness Conference hosted by the Pauquachin Nation here in Sidney, BC. There was a story telling session where I heard from a strong First Nation woman her amazing story of rising from a history of trauma and alcoholism into wellness.  Choice In the beginning, she told a story that was familiar and stereotypical of First Nations people. Years ago, she drank a bottle or two everyday to drawn her sorrow and to numb herself from the abuse she took from her husband. In those years, she would go to work...

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17 May Family & Systemic Constellation Circles

Dancing with Ancestors Every 4th Wednesday 6:45pm to 9:00pm at Juice Truck, 28 W 5th Avenue, Vancouver 5/25/16 Mini Delights – Constellations with stones, in pairs, and in triads 6/22/16 Body-Mind-Spirit Constellations – Look into the relationship between your body, mind and spirit 7/27/16 Family Constellations – Disentangle with your families and restore the order of love 8/24/16 Prosperity Constellations – Discover who/what your money monster is and get rid of it! 9/28/16 Nature & Animal Constellations – Explore your concerns for nature and animals 10/26/16 Chaos Constellations – A celebration of chaos, liberation, and freedom! Registration required. $25 per workshop. Register with Ming 778-883-2238 or ming@truepresencecounselling.com For an example of how...

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17 May Body-Mind-Spirit Health Book Club

What are we reading? When The Body Says No, By Gabor Mate, M.D. Kitchen Table Wisdom, By Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D. Radical Remission, By Kelly Turner, Ph.D Hardwiring Happiness, By Rick Hanson, PH.D Why join this book club? This book club is for health-minded people who want to know more about the intricate connection between stress and their health, who are currently experiencing health challenges, or recovering from a major illness. Reading with a group and having a discussion about what you read is very different from reading on your own. Reading with like-minded people allows you to have a sense of community and to feel supported....

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