Why is deep breathing our best friend when facing difficult emotions? 為什麼深呼吸是當我們面對困難情緒時最好的朋友? For two reasons: It helps you slow down, so you can observe your emotion before you react. When you do it right, deep breathing gives your brain more oxygen,
Continued from yesterday’s post, the second part of this woman’s story confirmed what I have learnt to be key in people’s successes – good connection with mother. She told stories of her mother being there for her.  After owning her choices
  海街日記(うみまちダイアリー)是日本導演是枝裕和的清新小品, 我更喜歡它的英文片名 Our Little Sister – 我們的小妹妹。這是一部關於和解與接納的電影,也是一部很女性很療癒的電影,適合曾經在母親那裡受傷的人細細品嘗。 Umimachi Diary is a refreshing piece by Japanese director Hirokazu Kore-eda. I like its English title, Our Little Sister, more. This is a film about reconciliation and acceptance. It is also very feminine