Parents and Children

I see most issues as relationship based. People seek help when they suffer from a conflicting relationship or from a lack of healthy relationships. For example, between a couple, between parent and child, between other family members, between employees and employers, in relationship with yourself, and maybe with one of your conditions. Based on this view, I believe that the most precious gift from one person to another is the relationship. A sincere truthful relationship must come from one’s presence; hence the name True Presence. No matter what therapeutic techniques I use I always put my presence in them, and my presence is the secret ingredient in all my techniques.

Remember the time when you felt truly seen and truly understood by someone? Remember the feeling of being appreciated and valued? Have you ever had the experience with someone when you feel safe and comfortable even though you didn’t seem to be doing or talking about anything in particular? These are the people who gave you their presence. Even for just a brief moment, their presence left a warm feeling in your heart that will carry you through some dark dark nights. Their presence told you, not through words, but through a more direct communication that you are loved, you are worthy, and you belong.

My goal as a therapist is to welcome and to strengthen that warm feeling in your heart, so you can reconnect with the goodness in you and appreciate yourself as who you are. Many people, including myself, have been taught at a young age that certain parts of them are not good, and they should be ashamed of and hide those parts of themselves. I am not here to “fix” you, but to help you integrate all aspects of yourself. I welcome all of you into a space of nurturing and safety: your longings, losses, fears, strengths, loneliness, anxieties, humours, hopes, dreams, sorrows, obsessions, compulsions, craziness, creativities, and resilience. In the end, we may both find ourselves more whole.

No matter what pictures you present in the beginning, I will look for context, and I will look at you in your relational and social context. No problem stands on its own, and no solution can be isolated from your relationships. All methods and techniques I use are non-pathologizing, non-judgemental and non-blaming. In other words, I don’t believe there is something fundamentally wrong with you and it’s just you. I aspire to help you see yourself as part of the whole picture and find peace and harmony as the picture unfolds. I believe that everyone needs to be connected with their roots and everyone has a place.

With trainings and practices in energy-based healing and meditation, I bring more than just traditional talk therapy. I weave in breathing, sounds, movement, somatically-based grounding and releasing exercises, and encourage you to use your own creativity. I trust your inner process and your innate ability to heal and to grow. I am here to facilitate this process in the most effective and gentle way possible.

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