About Me


I am Ming Huey Chang.

I specialize in helping people release inherited family patterns so they can focus on their current relationships without being burdened by the past.

Highlights of my work are:


Hi, my name is Ming Huey (明慧). I am originally from Taiwan and live in both worlds. I am a bi-lingual writer, empathic counsellor and family constellator.

I love helping people look at their problems in hand from a whole new angle that will save them years and years of confusion and suffering. With knowledge in neuroscience and trauma healing, I can help you activate the self-healing process in your brain, and become more present for yourself and in your relationships.

Most issues are relationship issues. People suffer because they have conflicts in their relationships or they are lacking the relationship they desire. Since we all desire good relationships, the best way to achieve that is through resonance and presence with another person.

Remember the time when you felt truly seen and understood by someone? That is resonance and presence. All of us need to be seen, loved, feeling worthy, and to belong.

My goal Is to help you integrate all aspects of you, including the parts that were rejected, abandoned or forgotten. So ultimately you can feel seen, loved, worthy and belong, without a therapist.

That’s what I love to do with people. I invite you to give yourself a chance, and let me resonate with you.

My Trainings & Qualifications include: