Process Work

A 5 Step Process Towards Freedom & Happiness in Your Relationships

Highlights of Overall Benefits:

  1. Be guilt-free in all relationships.
  2. Be able to say “No” comfortably and confidently.
  3. Be able to receive: Money, Love, Support, Promotion, Friendship, etc.
  4. Eliminate life-long patterns of self-sabotaging and destruction.
  5. Know who you are and love yourself.
  6. Feel physically and mentally Lighter!
  7. Have a healthy relationship with family, work, money, and Yourself
  8. Feel connected to and supported by something and someone bigger than you, including your ancestry.

1. Be Seen in Your Own Beauty: Heard, Understood, and Appreciated

In this step, I will:

  • Tune in and see you from my heart.
  • Look deeper and beyond what’s on the surface, and help you do the same.
  • Explore the intention behind the intention.
  • Identify and appreciate your essence and your beauty.
  • Be really open and curious about your unique way of seeing the world around you.
  • See you in the bigger picture behind you and surround you.

So You Can:

  • Feel understood, heard and appreciated
  • Have more clarity on your intention on whichever life circumstance brought you to me.
  • Have more understanding and appreciation for yourself.
  • Start developing a different story of who you are and what you are despite what others have been saying about you and your circumstances.
  • See your own beauty.
  • Let your inner child come out and play!
  • Start having a sense of belonging and connectedness as I bring in the bigger picture.
  • Be easy on yourself and have more self-appreciation.

2. Once We Were Warriors: Re-Connecting With Your Roots, Belonging, and Inclusion

I will:

  • Guide you to remember and reconnect with your ancestry.
  • Help you identify and reconnect with your community.
  • Bring wholeness to your family and include anyone who is forgotten, shunned, or missing.

So You Can:

  • Remember where you come from and feel less alone.
  • Identify your tribe and re-member yourself.
  • Feel a sense of belonging and safety in your body.
  • Feel at peace, at ease and a heavy weight being lifted!
  • Feel complete, like a missing piece of puzzle finally falls into its place.
  • Let go of guilt, shame, and burden that you have been carrying for years!

3. Let Children Be Children, and Parents Be Parents: Love, Order, and Secret

I will:

  • Create a safe space and gently guide the natural movement towards health and balance between you and your parents.
  • Help you reveal the truth in your family and how it’s been affecting you.
  • Identify the burden you have been carrying out of love and give you the opportunity to let go.
  • Help you restore the order in your family
    — Bring gratitude and humbleness to your life again.

So You Can:

  • Have a childhood!
  • Have compassion for your parents without breaking yourself.
  • Finally be acknowledged and be seen by your parents.
  • Resolve and dissolve life-long patterns of overwhelm, over-accommodating, and over-serving.
  • Start receiving all the goodness life has for you.

4. Release, Release, and Release!

This step is about actually giving back what does not belong to you, and let the rightful person own it. In this step, I will:

  • Help you identify what responsibilities belong to you and what doesn’t.
  • Identify trans-generational trauma and let it end with you.
  • Use creative ways to complete what needs to be completed in order to end the trauma pattern in the family.
  • Guide you to stay in your body and be grounded while you undergo a difficult process.
  • Help you bring closure to a grieving process whether it’s yours or someone else’s.

So You Can:

  • Resolve childhood trauma, abuse and neglect.
  • Receive an apology, appreciation, and permission to be free.
  • Regain a sense of safety and justice.
  • Release shame, guilt, anger and sadness that does not belong to you.
  • Develop skills to self-regulate.
  • Be comfortable in your own skin and heightened self-confidence.

5. Taking Your Rightful Place & Becoming Who You Are

I will:

  • Help you find your rightful place in you family picture and reclaim your belonging.
  • Re-define and re-build your belonging with your entire ancestry.
  • Be a witness to your healing and growth.

So You Can:

  • Have a place in your family even if your family are not as supportive as you like.
  • Still have a clear sense of where you belong even if you are adopted or there are questions about your parents.
  • Have a direct connection with your ancestry even if the immediate family history is unclear.
  • Have a greater sense of connectedness and wholeness.
  • Step into your own power and be who you really are!
  • Start living your true purpose with no holding back!
  • Celebrate!

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