Felt unsafe most of your life; even though you have taken extra pre-caution you still end up a victim in some way?

Always felt you have to do something for or give something to others in order for them to like you, notice you, love you, or be your friend?

Been giving and giving and giving, but never felt comfortable receiving?

Always seen yourself as not good enough, not smart enough, not working hard enough, not educated enough, or just… not enough?

Spent lots and lots of time on workshops, education, self-help, self-improvement, but still don’t feel satisfied inside?

Felt that you are not living your fullest potential, but afraid to want more?


The life story you keep repeating is not your story, and I can help you write your own story?

The weight you are carrying doesn’t belong to you, and I can help you let it go?

There is a missing piece of puzzle that you don’t see, and I can help you find it?

I can help you become confident of who you are in all your relationships?


there is a way to accomplish the results you desire

In a short period of time

without you telling the old story over and over

and keep your love and loyalty to your family while you become free!

Be guilt-free in any relationships

Know who you are and love yourself

Be able to say “No” comfortably and confidently

Feel physically and mentally Lighter!

Be able to receive: Money, Love, Support, Promotion, Friendship, etc.

Have a healthy relationship with family, work, money, and Yourself

Eliminate life-long patterns of self-sabotaging and destruction

Feel connected to and supported by something and someone bigger than you, including your ancestry

Follow my Signature System with

5 Steps To Heal Your Ancestry, So You Can Be Free And Happy

Ming Huey Chang

About Ming Huey (明慧)

I am originally from Taiwan and have lived and worked in 3 countries. With first hand experience of breaking free from family patterns, developing a new life in foreign lands, dealing with discrimination, trauma and burnout, I understand the pain involved and the courage required in finding your true identity and living the life you really want. I am passionate about helping people to clear up burdens and confusions in all of their relationships, so they can become the person who they always want to be.

Through trial and error in my own healing process, I can tell you what works and what doesn’t, thereby saving you lots of time and unnecessary pain. With heartfelt gentleness and crystal clear observation, I help you pace your healing process and keep you breakthrough without overwhelm. With your permission and joint effort, many missing pieces will be revealed and come together for you.



I see most issues as relationship based.

People seek help when they suffer from a conflicting relationship or from a lack of healthy relationships. For example, between a couple, between parent and child, between other family members, between employees and employers, in relationship with oneself and with one’s conditions.

I also believe that the most precious gift from one person to another is one’s presence, hence the name True Presence. Remember the time when you felt truly seen and truly understood by someone? Remember the feeling of being appreciated and valued? Have you ever had the experience with someone when you feel safe and comfortable even though you didn’t seem to be doing or talking about anything in particular? These are the people who gave you their presence.

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